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The secret to scaling your savings account? 

Add automated channels to your savings model. Don't have a system in place for your savings model?

Read my book (it’s free — for now!) and learn how to properly put in place predictable systems to help you build the right habits. 

When you build the right habits with your income, you can begin to take control of your life.

In this book, not only do I give you actionable advice, but I share my personal story of how I learned to save, host on Airbnb, leverage my multifamily home, and travel more.

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I’m Nick D’Urso, and I wrote Muscle for Your Hustle:
A Play by Play Guide to Building Proper Habits With Money

Here’s why I wrote it: Most people were never taught the right habits to save money. Instead, we get caught up in the cycle of consumerism that rules our society, and our finances — and happiness —suffer from it. 

But if you're willing to work hard, find opportunities to save, and develop proper habits, you can achieve great things!

A little over a year ago, I was living in New York working a corporate job and, although I had everything I was "supposed" to have...

A well-paying job...

A nice house...

Tons of material possessions...

I still wasn't happy.

A friend invited me on a trip to Bonaire (an island in the Caribbean) and that's when everything changed for me.

I explored the island and saw incredible sights, I met the people in the community and made new friends, I went scuba diving and experienced the beauty of the ocean... 

For the first time, I truly LIVED.

It all became clear to me. I had spent my entire life chasing money in the rat-race... and sure, money is nice...

But I wanted EXPERIENCES. I wanted to LIVE.

So I left my job, bought a car (on the right) in Arizona and started driving towards Argentina.
I spent 6 months in Mexico and fell in love with the country.

I scuba dived with whale sharks in the Baja...

I crashed my drone in the deserts of Sinaloa...

Stayed in the hostels of Michoacan...

Rode horses around volcanoes in Puebla...

Jumped off waterfalls in San Luis Potosi...

Swam with dolphins in Belize...

Dove the Cenotes in Tulum and so much more...
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It seemed like every time I posted on social media or talked with one of my friends, the same question kept coming up..


Which is when I realized that what I learned, almost no one knew! 

The truth was that ANY of the people I talked to could have lived the life I was living... if only they knew how.

I learned how to...

 Leverage credit to travel for free

 Save & earn money on every purchase I made

 Automate my finances to earn while I sleep

 Purchase a home to pay the bills while it funds my travels 💰

 Open bank accounts that paid me

 Take advantage of "Dollar Cost Averaging" in the financial markets

 Fully automate my finances to earn more money

So I started teaching my friends...

“I met Nick almost 5 years ago while working in our respective healthcare sales roles. Since then our relationship has evolved from professional colleagues to kindred spirits. Nick has been a true inspiration. He literally motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and take a risk that I normally would not have. Currently I am closing on my first investment property in Brooklyn and just moving full speed ahead. Very rarely do you meet someone who is willing to put living life first instead of just being alive - this is Nick..a soul who has found passion for living. Kudos!”

Dev started freeing his time for money. He kept his regular full time job and is generating a side income to save and invest to build even more wealth. 

Are you seeing what’s possible when you learn to take back control of your personal finances?

Louie is a FDNY Firefighter. He was spending more money than what he was making. He wanted a better life for his wife and 2 kids. He was living paycheck to paycheck. Once he followed my methods, he was able to gain financial freedom, buy a house in upstate New York, and provide a better life for his family financially. 

Do you want to start doing the things you always wanted to do, but didn’t think you made enough money?

Life is your canvas! 

What do you want your story to be? How are you going to get to that point? 

This is Sean...

He moved to L.A. to work in the Social Media Strategist world...

He was living paycheck to paycheck making $55k a year...

He graduated college with student loans each month...

Paying rent each month and didn’t have any budget...

Claimed he had "investments" through his 401(k) at work...

Using my methods he was able to saved over $4,000 towards his down payment on his house in less than 6 months!❤️

What You’ll Learn
How to Maximize Your Accounts
There are so many different places you could be putting your money: a savings account, mutual funds, a mason jar on your counter. But there are some accounts that I use that have helped make money work for me, letting me save with no extra work on my part! 

In the eBook, I’ll give you advice on exactly what accounts I use in order to reduce fees, gain convenience, save for retirement, get amazing credit card benefits and so much more. 

You won’t find vague, hard-to-understand information here — I’ll help you figure out exactly what I did to meet my financial goals!

How to Eliminate Bills
There are so many ways to save, but the bottom line is simple: reduce your spending as much as possible while also maximizing your income. And the great news is, you don’t have to overwork yourself to achieve this goal. 

It’s all about building habits and saving money in the background — automating it so that you don’t even have to think about it.

I’ll show you where I get ahead when I spend and where I save. I have tons of tips for shopping smarter online, and I’m happy to share them with you! I’ll also tell you how I’ve essentially cancelled out all my bills (mortgage included!) by exercising my wealth-building potential.

How Airbnb Could Change Your Life
Interested in Airbnb and how it could change your life for the better? I can speak from experience— Airbnb changed my life. Becoming an Airbnb host enabled me to travel the world while generating income at the same time.

Currently, as an Airbnb host, I have experienced amazing things: jumping off amazing waterfalls in Mexico, hiking in the volcanic mountains of Nicaragua, scuba diving with sharks all over the world, exploring Europe, snowboarding on the West Coast, and so much more. 

These experiences were invaluable to my happiness and success. In my eBook, I’ll give you my best tips how I earn extra money as an Airbnb host.

How This Approach is Different
I don’t want to be another self-help guru. My book is NOT a "get-rich scheme." 

I’ve fallen for my share of gurus over the years. In the past, I spent thousands of dollars on classes and webinars because I thought that was the only way to learn and move forward. I was chasing money, but I was also spending it on classes that promised immediate results—only to find that there wasn’t a hidden secret to making more money.

From that point of view, my first and foremost goal is to give you useful information how I save money correctly to get it to work for me. 

 I’m here to help YOU make good choices, own what you do, and create life you want.

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The Information Is Easy to Absorb
You might have guessed it from the title of my book, but my approach is all about saving money. I won’t just send you forth with the command to “make more money!” We all know that we’d be better off if we made more money, but it isn’t always that easy. Saving money, though, is attainable for just about everyone.
Money-Saving Tip #18
"Pay off all of your credit cards ASAP. Open up a $0 annual fee credit card today, and  start using it as your debit card. Get into the habit of paying it off each day from the new checking account you opened earlier. Pay it off before you go to bed every night, after you check Instagram, or the next time you pick up your phone. Develop this money-saving habit so you don’t spend  money you don’t have. Avoid paying late fees at 23% APR. You’ll thank me later."
See how Tip #18 is short and actionable? It gives specific, helpful information that you may have overlooked previously. You can follow the simple steps today and make real, measurable progress. 
Start Learning for FREE Today
Read my book (it’s free—for now!) and learn how I leverage my money, build assets, and even quit my corporate life.

When you build the right habits with money, you can begin to take control of your life.

In this book, not only do I give you actionable advice, but I share my personal story of how I learned to save my money, host on Airbnb, buy a multifamily home, and travel the world while still generating an income.

Just fill out your email and I’ll send you a copy right now! 

This is a limited-time offer available only to email subscribers. There’s no catch!

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so I can help you tackle your toughest barriers. 

I’m here to build relationships with people who want to take control of their finances, whether that means quitting their 9-5 to go scuba diving on the regular (that’s what I did!) or just stop living paycheck to paycheck. Join the community today—I’m glad you’re here! 
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